Our Trip to Brooklyn

Our Trip to Brooklyn –

What I love most about New York is that you could live there your whole life and never see every block or even every neighborhood in all its boroughs.  You could literally spend your whole life exploring a new section of the city every day.  When Bill and I received an invitation to a wedding in Brooklyn, we took that as an opportunity to explore my favorite borough.  We planned for a 4 day trip to attend the wedding and cover as much ground as possible in Brooklyn.

Black and white photo of the Manhattan Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.

3B Bed and Breakfast

Our jumping off point was 3B Bed and Breakfast in downtown Brooklyn.  I wouldn’t call it your typical B&B.  It’s run by young artists who occupy the space on the lower level of the building.  There are 4 guest rooms, with a common bathroom and common living/dining area.  The young artists running 3B are all very friendly and accommodating.  Breakfast was simple and delicious and we dined with a young traveler from Australia and a young woman who had just landed from France and was looking to find a job.  It reminded me of my days travelling through Europe and staying at youth hostels.

One of the bedrooms inside the 3B Bed and Breakfast.Details fro, the 3B Bed and Breakfast in New York.

The Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO

Our first night in Brooklyn, we walked toward the waterfront and enjoyed pizza at Juliana’s.  From there we landed at the waterfront of the East River and marveled at the Brooklyn Bridge and the gorgeous views of Manhattan.  On our way back, we headed through DUMBO, which I discovered stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” and took some spectacular pictures of the Manhattan Bridge as the sun was setting.

View from below the Brooklyn Bridge.Travel photography at the Brooklyn Bridge. Padlocks at the bridge.View of the Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO.

Lunch in Park Slope

Truth be told, I had to get a spray tan before the wedding and that is what took us to Park Slope.  Park Slope was just as I had remembered it from a few years back, full of women pushing strollers, beautiful homes, and nice dining establishments.  After my spray tan, we had lunch at Juventino in the back outdoor patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Lunch at Juventino in Park Slope.Travel photos from a walk through Park Slope.

Wedding at the River Café

The highlight of the trip was obviously the intimate, formal wedding we attended at the River Café, overlooking the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge.  Our friends Tina and Jeff were beaming all night and couldn’t have been happier.  It was nice for Bill and I to take a break from photographing weddings and instead to relax and enjoy being a guest at a wedding.  Of course, the photographer in me couldn’t help but steal a few shots.

Our friends' wedding at the River CafeView of Manhattan at night from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene

The next morning, we headed to Fort Greene on foot to check out all the vendors at the Brooklyn Flea. Bill couldn’t resist tasting some of the great food prepared by local vendors.

Brooklyn Flea Market.Sightseeing in New York City.


Farmer’s Market at Grand Army Plaza

From Fort Greene, we headed to Prospect Heights and stopped at Grand Army Plaza to hit up the Farmer’s Market.  Everything looked delicious.  We bought some tasty mint iced tea and some baked goodies.

Farmers market at Grand Army Plaza.

Botanic Gardens in Prospect Heights

From there, Bill and I met up with my cousin and her family to spend the afternoon in the Botanic Gardens.  The gardens were HUGE and quite an unexpected surprise in the middle of the city. After spending the day walking, we decided we had better take the subway back to the hotel so we could recover before dinner.

Roses at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.Subway ride from Brooklyn Museum.

Brooklyn’s Finest Accordion Players

That night, we actually left Brooklyn to head to Manhattan’s City Hall Park where my dear friend was playing with a group of a dozen accordionists as part of “Make Music New York”.  My friend is actively involved with the Brooklyn Accordion Club and plays all over the city.

Accordian players at City Hall in New York City.

Brunch and Flea Marketing in Williamsburg

On our last day in Brooklyn, we headed to Williamsburg to have brunch at Reynard, located in the uber-cool, rustic-industrial Wythe Hotel.  This is what I love about Brooklyn – exposed brick walls, 20 foot windows, soaring ceilings, and raw wood beams.  Gorgeous!  Brunch was delicious too!  From the Wythe Hotel, the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg is a short walk so we decided to check that out as well.  Many of the same vendors that we had seen the previous day in Fort Greene were also there.  The highlight for me was enjoying a salted chocolate caramel donut!

Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg.Brunch at Reynard's at the Wythe Hotel.Inside of the Wythe Hotel.Street photography in Brooklyn.Brooklyn Flea Market in Williamsburg.

We ended our trip right there on that super sweet note.  We covered a lot of ground during our 4 days in Brooklyn.  And sometime down the road, we hope to discover more of it not as tourists but as residents!

♥ Jess


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