Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

You’ve selected a photographer to shoot your wedding. Now what? Check out these wedding photography tips to get the most out of your wedding photographs.

Tip #1

Take your photographer for a test drive with an engagement shoot. Not only will you get to know your photographer, but these images will work well for save-the-dates and thank you cards.

Tip #2

Talk with your photographer about your personal style and the style of your wedding. Use specific adjectives such as “rustic”, “beachy”, “vintage”, or “glamorous” to convey your vision.

Tip #4

Submit a “must-have” shot list.

Tip #5

Consider nixing the tradition of not seeing the groom until you walk down the aisle. Instead, opt for a “first look” to happen before the ceremony. This allows for ample time to nail a great bride & groom photo in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Tip #6

Try to schedule 2 hours before the wedding for wedding party photos. You can use this time for bride & bridesmaid photos, groom & groomsmen photos, and “first-look” photos.

Tip #7

Give your photographer a detailed itinerary for the day.

Tip #8

Talk to your photographer about possible locations or backdrops for your photo shoots.

Tip #9

Consider using props for your photos. Are there any props that you can provide that would enhance the style of your photos? Vintage sofas, empty picture frames, or balloons could all be fun props.

Tip #10

Relax, be creative, and have fun!

♥ Jess

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